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Rental Agreement / Terms & Conditions




Rented Equipment: The “Rented Equipment” is the various specific items of equipment owned by Kids2Go, which the Client has in their possession during a portion or all of the Rental Period.

Client: The “Client” is the person who reserves the Rented Equipment from Kids2Go.

Company: The “Company” is Kids2Go, based in Cuevas Del Almanzora.

The Company hereby leases to the Client the Rented Equipment subject to our Terms & Conditions set forth below: __________________________________________________________________________

Rental Period & Delivery/Collection:

The client hereby agrees to rent from the Company, and the Company hereby agrees to rent to Client, various Rented Equipment. The Rental Period shall run from the date that the Rented Equipment is delivered, to the date that the Rented Equipment is picked up. The Company will make no reimbursements for unused time or for unused Rented Equipment.

Please notify Kids2Go in advance if you would like to extend your Rental Period.

An extension of the Rental Period will be subject to Rented Equipment availability and Kids2Go existing reservations. Client hereby agrees to pay rental for each additional day that the Rental Period is extended.

Delivery Charge:

Cuevas Del Almanzora – There is no delivery or collection charge. Surrounding areas (Mojácar, Vera, Garrucha, Turre, Bedar, Lubrin) will be subject to a delivery charge of 10 Euros and a collection charge of 10  Euros.
If the Client fails to return the Rented Equipment at agreed upon pick up time, KIDS2GO will impose a late charge fee of 10 Euros per day.

Fees & Payments:

The total rental amount due will include a refundable deposit, (See Refundable Deposit Section). All fees must be paid in full before commencement of equipment hire. Equipment rental will vary depending on the length of rental and the types of Rented Equipment that is rented. KIDS2GO updated price list is available on our website.

Refundable Deposit:

The refundable deposit will be returned on the condition that the equipment hired is returned in the same condition it was supplied. If any damage is noticed on returned equipment, the deposit will not be refunded. If the returned equipment is dirty which requires extensive steam cleaning, the deposit will not be refunded.


Reservations can be made online or by phone, and must be confirmed by KIDS2GO, else not confirmed. There is a reservation form to hire equipment on our website: www.kids2go.es. All reservations made within 48 hours of delivery must be made over the phone. All online reservations will be confirmed by KIDS2GO via email, with a further email with payment details.

Damaged Equipment:

If any Rented Equipment is returned to KIDS2GO (i) in an exceptionally dirty condition; (ii) in a condition that requires professional cleaning (such as saturated with smoke, vomit, food or the odours thereof, or with stains or marks); (iii) with missing parts, (iv) otherwise damaged or broken; (v) in a condition in which it cannot be repaired; or (vi) if any Rented Equipment is not returned to KIDS2GO for any reason at all, the Company reserves the right to charge the Client additional costs and fees for repair and/or replacement of such damaged or unreturned rented equipment.

Client will not be charged for ordinary wear and tear that occurs with the proper and normal use of the Rented Equipment. If the Rented Equipment becomes damaged during the Rental Period, it is the Clients responsibility to inform KIDS2GO immediately, so that the problem can be assessed and remedied.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be made at least one week prior to the start of the Rental Period. Cancellations made at least one week prior to the start of the Rental Period will receive a full refund, less a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than one week but more than 48 hours prior to the start of the Rental Period will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refund for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the start of the Rental Period.

Assembly & Installation:

KIDS2GO will not assemble/install (exceptions noted below) the Rented Equipment at the agreed upon delivery location and is subject to the following terms, conditions and exceptions:

- Safety gates are NOT to be used at the top of any staircase; - Car seats cannot and will not be installed by KIDS2GO, all car seats shall be installed by the Client only. If a Client requires assistance or instruction on the installation of the car seat, it is the Clients responsibility to read the installation manual supplied with the equipment.

Inspection upon Receipt:

The Client agrees to inspect the Rented Equipment upon receipt thereof, and Client agrees to notify the Company immediately if any of the Rented Equipment is not in good condition or is otherwise unacceptable. Client is responsible for notifying KIDS2GO of any issues or problems with the Rented Equipment during the Rental Period. If Client deems any of the Rented Equipment unsafe or unsatisfactory, the Client must notify KIDS2GO immediately and cease use of the faulty Rented Equipment.

Use of Hire Equipment:

The Client will be fully instructed on hire items regarding instruction manuals and the proper use of hire equipment. The Client is responsible for using the Rented Equipment in accordance with the instruction manuals. Kids2GO is not responsible for Client’s failure to follow instructions and/or recommendations in the instruction manuals. The instruction manuals, which the Client agrees to keep in good condition, shall be returned with the equipment.

The Client will take full responsibility for any hire equipment used and will indemnify Kids2Go for any misuse of the Rented Equipment, and the Client will take Full Responsibility for any accidents, injuries or damages resulting there from.

Hold Harmless:

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Client shall indemnify and hold KIDS2GO and its agents and employees harmless, from and against all claims, damages, losses, personal injury, death and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees and costs, arising out of the use of any Rented Equipment provided by KIDS2GO or the failure of the Rented Equipment to function as intended, or resulting from the negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of KIDS2GO or anyone directly or indirectly employed by it or anyone whose acts it is legally responsible for.

Applicable Laws:

This agreement shall be construed by the law of the province of Almeria and all parties hereby agree that any case or claim shall be brought in courts of Mojacar.

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